Studebaker National Museum – Southbend, Indiana

Studebaker Avanti

What? The Studebaker Museum? Why not the Corvette Museum or the Ford Museum? Well, it is all about taking the road less traveled. And when people want to go to a car museum, Studebaker does not jump to the top of their list, but it should. On a recent list of top ten auto museums, the Studebaker National Museum came in Eighth. That is right, Eighth!

For those of you who do not know the story, Studebaker was started by the Studebaker brothers back in 1852. Originally, the company made wagons for farmers, miners and the military. Studebaker entered the auto business in 1902 with an electric car and later started making gasoline powered cars. Studebaker at one time was one of the top ten American car manufacturers. However, the company ran into financial problems in the 1950s, it merged with Packard and ceased production by 1966. The Avanti, a vehicle produced by Studebaker, outlived the company and continued as an independent make until the 1980s.

During their prime, Studebakers were known their quality and reliability.

But, back to the museum, the models on display change periodically. But recently, the following items have been on display: 1835 Conestoga wagon, President Lincoln’s carriage, a 1934 Bendix and many late model Studebakers. The museum is set in a 1950s era dealership.

Located at201 S. Chapin Street,South Bend,Indiana

Museum hours are Monday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm, Sunday noon to 5 pm

For more information visit the Studebaker National Museum or the Indiana Travel Planning Source. For other classic vehicles, see our posts on the Pontiac Grand Prix or the Dodge Dart.

Photo from Studebaker National Museum


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