Pontiac Fiero GT (1986-1988)

1986 Fiero GT

1986 Fiero GT

The original Fiero was introduced in 1984. It was originally intended to be a two-seater sports car with all new suspension and V6 engine. However management at General Motors got involved. Management felt that Pontiac needed a fuel-efficient sporty commuter car.

Management won and the result was the 1984 Fiero,  which came with GM’s 2.5 liter four-cylinder “Iron Duke” engine. The engine was not the only thing management messed with. To save costs,  the tires, brakes, and suspension components were carried over from other GM models such as the Chevrolet Citation and Chevrolet Chevette. The result was the handling and cornering abilities of the Fiero were average at best. The high expectations for the Fiero were quickly dashed. But, the Pontiac engineers went to work to address these issues. In 1985, Pontiac introduced the Fiero GT. The GT model included upgraded suspension tuning, wider tires, and a V6 engine. In 1986 a new body for the Fiero GT would be introduced.  And by 1988, the Fiero that the engineers wanted to build, would finally be built.

1986-1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

The 1986 Fiero GT model was restyled slightly to produce a more sleek appearance with a fastback roof line. The new body style would be the new GT, while the 1985 GT would carry on as the Fiero SE. At mid-year, the GT would offer a five-speed Muncie-Getrag transmission option on the V6 engine.

The 1987 Fiero GT would carry over with little changes and most of the changes were focused on the base Fiero.

The engineers would finally get their way in 1988. The Fiero would receive a much needed change: a “new” suspension design. The “new” suspension was actually the suspension that the Pontiac engineers had designed in the beginning, with a few tweaks. The front suspension had revised control arms and knuckles that reduced steering effort and improved the scrub radius. The rear suspension replaced the old Citation parts with a real tri-link suspension with all new knuckles. This new suspension also came 15 X 6 inch wheels up front and 15 X 7 inch wheels in the rear. Additionally, the Fiero received new vented disc brakes at all four corners.

However, these improvements would be to late to save the Fiero as 1988 would be that last year for the Fiero.

Additional Information

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