Plymouth VIP (1966-1969)

Plymouth wanted a greater piece of the pie in 1966. Plymouth had observed the success that  Ford was having with the LTD, Chevrolet with the Caprice, and even AMC with the the Ambassador DPL. So, Plymouth created the VIP (Very Important Plymouth). The VIP was to serve as the top-of-the-line Plymouth.

1966-1968 Plymouth VIP

1966 Plymouth VIP

1966 Plymouth VIP

The first generation VIP was based on the 1966 Plymouth Fury, but with added luxury features. The VIP came with standards such as full wheel covers, vinyl tops, luxuriously upholstered interiors with walnut dashboard and door-panel trim, a thicker grade of carpeting, more sound insulation, and full courtesy lighting. Optional equipment on the VIP included automatic transmission, air conditioning, power windows, and power seats.

For 1967, the VIP would receive a new exterior skin, as did the Plymouth Fury that year. The VIP would continue to receive the same styling updates as the Fury in 1968, which consisted of a new front and rear end.

1969 Plymouth VIP

1969 Plymouth VIP

1969 Plymouth VIP

The VIP would be all new in 1969. As with it’s platform mate, the Fury, the new VIP would adopt the Chrysler Corporation “Fuselage” styling used on all Chrysler full size models that year. Sadly, 1969 would be the last year for the VIP. In 1970, Plymouth would expand the Sport Fury line to include a sedan and would also introduce a Fury Brougham. These two additions would negate any need for the VIP in the Plymouth lineup.

Additional Information

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