Plymouth Satellite & Satellite Sebring (1971-1974)

1971 Sattelite Sebring Plus

1971 Sattelite Sebring Plus

The Plymouth Satellite was initially Plymouth’s top line mid-size series when it was introduced in 1965. It became the middle trim level for the mid-size series in 1967. The Satellite was built on Chrysler’s mid-size B-platform and shared many components with its B-platform mates, such as the Dodge Coronet.



1971-1972 Plymouth Satellite & Satellite Sebring

1972 Plymouth Sattelite Sebring

1972 Plymouth Sattelite Sebring

Plymouth did a significant restyling on the intermediate Satellite for 1971. The Satellite dropped the previous years angular styling for a new “fuselage” styled body. The Satellite was offered in two- and four-door models. The larger wheelbase sedans were available in base, Custom and Brougham trim. Station wagons, based on the sedan chassis came in base, Custom or wood paneled Regent models. The shorter wheelbase two door coupes were available as the base Satellite, Satellite Sebring and Satellite Sebring Plus. The coupe models their own loop-type front bumper. The coupe body was also the basis for the related GTX and Roadrunner models.

1973-1974 Plymouth Satellite & Satellite Sebring

1974 Satellite Sebring Plus

The two-door Satellites received a refreshed exterior in 1973, which included a more conventional front end and squared up sheet metal and rear side windows. The sedans and wagons would receive a refresh in 1974 which included the adoption of Federally mandated 5 mph bumpers in 1974. Plymouth would drop the Satellite name after 1974. However the model would continue on until 1978 as the downsized Plymouth Fury.

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