Plymouth Satellite (1968)

1968 Plymouth Satellite

1968 Plymouth Satellite

The Plymouth Satellite had been the top- of-the-line trim for the mid-size Plymouth Belvedere since 1965. Similar to the Dodge Coronet, the Satellite used the Chrysler B-body platform. For 1968 the Satellite received a complete redesign, but still used the same chassis introduced in 1965, which itself was a successor to the 1962 Belvedere.

1968 Plymouth Satellite

In addition to the Satellite restyling, the trim packages were shuffled. A new high end trim, ┬áthe Sport Satellite model was introduced. The Belvedere name become the low-trim base intermediate model. Which left the Satellite to play the middle of the field between the two. ┬áThe Plymouth GTX, the “Gentleman’s Sports Car”, and the Plymouth Roadrunner would also use the Satellite platform starting in 1968. The Satellite line was also expanded beyond the traditional 2-door hardtop and convertible models. A Satellite 4-door sedan and station wagon were offered for the first time. The 1968 body would continued through 1970 with a minor changes.

For more on the Plymouth Satellite, see the post on the 1971-1974 Plymouth Satellite. To find your own Classic Car, check out the listings in Classics for Sale.

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