Plymouth GTX (1968-1970)

1970 Plymouth GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX

Plymouth redesigned the GTX, their “Gentleman’s” muscle car for 1968. It still shared the same platform as the intermediate Plymouth Belvedere and Plymouth Satellite.

1968 Plymouth GTX

The new body featured an hour glass shaped body similar to the Dodge Charger. The GTX used the trim from the Sport Satellite. It came with the high performance 440 cubic inch engine and TorqueFlite automatic transmission standard. The GTX was offered as either a 2-door convertible or a 2-door hardtop.

1969 Plymouth GTX

Plymouth made minor changes to the GTX in 1969. An Air Grabber hood was intorduced as standard equipment on the Hemi-engined GTX and optional on other models. This would be the last year that the convertible model was offered, 701 GTX convertibles would be made during the model run. On the exterior, the GTX replaced the dual horizontal “racing” stripe with black lower body side paint.

1970 Plymouth GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX

1970 Plymouth GTX

The GTX received a minor redesign with a new grille and rear taillights. Sales still continued to suffer as the car looked to much like the Road Runner, Dodge Charger and other Chrysler models. Changes were made to the body to create clean smooth lines. A “power bulge” hood was introduced in addition to non-functional rear brake air scoops. The Air Grabber hood was revised to have one opening scoop located on the power bulge. Engine choices for the GTX included the standard 440 4-barrel, a 440 6-barrel (three two barrels) or a 426 Hemi. Many items that were previously optional were now standard features.

A new GTX would be introduced in 1971 featuring Chrsyler’s fuselage styling.

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