Plymouth Fury (1965-1968)

1965 Plymouth Fury III

In the 1960s, Plymouth was in its heyday. Plymouth was the value offering from Chrysler Corporation and was also one of the top auto brands in the United States. Plymouth, along with its chief competitors, Ford and Chevrolet, were often referred to as the “low-price three”. In 1965, Plymouth introduced a new Fury as its top of the line model to compete with the 1965-1968 Ford Galaxie and the 1966-1970 Chevrolet Impala.


1965 Plymouth Fury

After a disastrous downsizing of the full-size Fury in 1962, Chrysler had a new line of full-size models in 1965, which included a full-size Plymouth Fury line. The new Fury was offered in three models, the: the Fury I, Fury II, and Fury III. The Fury I was marketed for fleet use as police cars and taxis, or for customers wanting a basic, no-frills full-sized car, the Fury II was the mid-series Fury and the Fury III was the top of the line Fury. There was also a Sport Fury that was only available as a hardtop coupe or convertible.

1966 Plymouth Fury

1966 Plymouth Fury VIP

Changes to the 1966 Fury were minimal. The big news was the introduction of a luxury version of the Fury in 1966, called the Plymouth VIP (Very Important Plymouth). The Fury VIP was created in effort to gain an even larger share of the Value-Luxury market and to lure customers away from the Ford LTD, Chevrolet Caprice, and the Ambassador DPL.

1967 Plymouth Fury

1967 Plymouth Fury Fasttop VIP

For 1967, Plymouth made a number of enhancements to the Fury. The body received a face-lift with all-new exterior sheet metal. The new body featured flat body planes, with sharp-edged accent lines. The hardtop coupe adopted a new semi-fastback roofline. The interiors were also revised.  Paint colors and interior fabrics choices were changed to go along with the revised body.

1968 Plymouth Fury

1968 Plymouth Fury III

For 1968, the Fury received new rearend. The front end was also revised with a grille that was now horizontally split with a body color metal mesh. Another minor styling change was a dip in the body line beneath the rear quarter windows. The Fury III was now available with the “Fast Top” that was previously only available as a VIP or a Sport Fury.

A completely new Fury would appear in 1969.

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