Mercury Comet (1964-1965)

1964 Mercury Comet Caliente

1964 Mercury Comet Caliente

The 1964-1965 Mercury Comet was a compact car based of the popular Ford Falcon.  But this was not a badge engineered Falcon, the Comet  coupes and sedans were 5 inches longer than the Falcon. The Comet also used distinct body panels.

1964 Mercury Comet

Mercury updated the body on the Comet in 1964. But under the skin, the Comet still used the same platform that was introduced in 1960. The new design featured a more square shape.  The front grille was styled after the Lincoln Continental. The lineup was also changed in 1964. The Cyclone replaced the S-22 as the performance version of the Comet. Other versions included the top-of-the line Caliente, the mid-level 404 and the base 402. The Comet was offered as a convertible, two-door and four-door sedan and a four-door wagon. The top-end wagon was the the Villager. Engine choices for the Comet included a the base 170 cubic inch 6-cylinder engine in the base model. A 260 cubic inch V8 was optional and midway through 1964 the new 289 became available. Mercury also made about 50 high performance Comet Cyclones that were equipped with a 427 cubic inch V8 and two-carburetors, similar to the Ford Thunderbolt.

1965 Mercury Comet

1965 Mercury Comet Caliente Convertible

1965 Mercury Comet Caliente Convertible

The Comet received mild updates in 1965. The front and rear end were restyled. The base engine was now a 200 cubic inch 6-cylinder. The 8-cylinder engine was now the 289 cucbic inch engine with 2-barrel carburetor. The V8 was capable of producing 200 horsepower with the standard 2-barrel carburetor. Adding the optional 4-barrel carburetor increased the horsepower on the V8 to 225. Transmission choices included a standard column shift 3-speed manual  or an optional “Merc-O-Matic” 3-speed automatic transmission. A premier performance option was a high-performance 289 cubic inch capable of 271 horsepower with a four-speed manual transmission.

The Comet would receive a thorough redesign for 1966 and would grow from compact size to a mid-size car.

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