Ford Galaxie (1969-1970)

1969 Ford Galaxie 2-Door Hardtop

In an effort to overtake the Chevrolet Impala, Ford introduced a completely new Galaxie in 1969. The 1969 Galaxie was new from the ground up. The new Galaxie featured a softer body lines than the 1968. The Galaxie also received a new interior.

1969  Ford Galaxie

For the new model, Ford added a new 429 cubic inch “ThunderJet” which was introduced on the 1968 Thunderbird. The429 offered 360 hp when equipped with dual-exhaust and a 4-barrel carburetor. Underpinning the new Galaxie was a 121-inch wheelbase. The interior featured a new dashboard that was built as a pod around the driver rather than traditional flat dashboard. The new Galaxie was offered in two and four-door hardtop and a station wagon. The and Galaxie 500 offered a sports roof that had rear sail panels to simulate a fastback roofline. This design was also used for the XL. Ford used different trim panels to differentiate the different trim levels.

1970 Ford Galaxie

1970 Ford Galaxie 2-Door Hardtop

Ford carried over the Galaxies for 1970 with minimal changes. A new Government-required ignition lock was added and located on the right side of the steering column. This would be the the XL, but Galaxie 500 hardtop coupes were also available in both formal-roof and SportsRoof body styles.

The Galaxie would receive a complete redesign for 1971.

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