Ford Fairlane (1970)

1970 Ford Fairlane 500

1970 Ford Fairlane 500

This would be the final year for the Ford Fairlane in the United States market. For the Fairlane’s final year, Ford introduced a new model with a 117 inch wheelbase. The Fairlane was the base intermediate sized Fords for 1970. Mid-level and top-of-the-line intermediates carried the Torino name. As the base model, the  Fairlane would only be offered in the Fairlane 500 trim. Midway through 1970, Ford introduced a value model below the Fairlane called the Falcon. The 1970 1/2 Falcon was only sold as a a two-door value model and only available on the Fairlane.

The new body style featured the long hood short deck styling. The car and was longer lower and wider than the 1969 model it replaced. The roofline was lower with an  increased windshield rake. The styling was more aerodynamic than years previous, and featured a pointed front end. The front fender line extended to front door, sloped downward and gradually disappeared into the quarter panel. The Fairlane was offerd in two and four-door sedans and station wagon styles. Powering the Fairlane was a straight six-cylinder. Optional engines included a Cobra Jet 429 cubic inch engine with four-barrel carburetor and 360 horsepower.

By the end of the 1970 production run, Ford decided to end the Fairlane (and the Falcon) name in the U.S. market. For the next few years, all Ford intermediates would bear the Torino name until 1976.

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