Corvette Greenwood Sportswagon (1976)

1976 Corvette Greenwood Sportswagon

1976 Corvette Greenwood Sportswagon

Looking for something different than your usual Corvette? How about a Corvette station wagon? Well maybe not a station wagon but a sportswagon? Let me introduce to you the Corvette Greenwood Sportswagon.

The Sportswagon was actually a conversion kit to transform the stock C3 Corvette into a stationwagon.  It is estimated that about 2 dozen kits were sold. These kits were the idea of John Greenwood. He took an earlier design from Chuck Miller and made it more aerodynamic, better looking and added a rear hatch for access to the cargo area.

Production of the kits was done by American Custom Industries and Ecklers. Official Greenwood kits have a Greenwood logo was etched into the rear glass and an emblem added to the B-pillar located behind driver and passenger windows.

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